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Audio Mixing

Mark EG's Audio Mixing Course takes you through the entire mix processes from start to finish.

Using one of his own creations, he will talk you through the techniques involved in taking your production ideas to the next level, ensuring your music will be clear, powerful and punchy. You will be able to download the files used in the sessions and practice yourself. You will also get invaluable feedback each week on where you might be going wrong, so you can improve as the course moves forward.

All personal tuition courses will be focused on the style of music you want to make. We will talk about your aspirations. We will disect your favourite genre and artists, anaylise it together and work from the ground up.

• Separation in the Mix
• Compression/Limiting
• Noise Gate
• Sidechain Compression
• Parallel Compression
• Reverbs
• Delays
• Inserts vs Sends
• EQ
• Mixing Vocals
• Groups/Busses
• Quick Mastering
• Dithering
• Image & Balance