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Audio Mastering

Make your music stand out with this complete course on the mastering process.

To give your tracks an edge against the competition, the secret is often in the mastering. Over the five weeks you will learn to fine tune your ears and apply mastering EQ, compression (including multi-band), limiting, mid/side processing and more. During the course we will master an entire EP and prepare it for the record label. We will be using a mixture of plugins by manfacturers such as Waves, Brainworx, Izotope and UAD. However the techniques you learn can be applied to any mastering environment.

All personal tuition courses will be focused on the style of music you want to make. We will talk about your aspirations. We will disect your favourite genre and artists, anaylise it together and work from the ground up.

• Mastering Explained
• The Monitoring Environment
• EQ
• Compression
• Multi Band Compression
• Parallel Compression
• Mid/Side Processing
• Stereo Width
• Tape Saturation
• Advanced Mastering Techniques
• Editing: Fades, Cross-Fades, Gaps
• Constructing the perfect Mastering Chain.
• Working on Albums, Compilations
• Mastering Different Styles of Music
• Level & Tonal Balance
• Preparing the Master for the Record Label.