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Mark EG's Music School' teaches you how to produce modern music, how to DJ, improve your art and more - whatever your style or skill level. This 30 year professional music veteran teaches you the knowledge and theory behind your art and enable you to become a master of your craft. Choose from personal hand held tuition or watch videos for your prefered  DAW. Whether you're starting out in music production, learning how to DJ or you're wanting to take your skills to the next level, Mark gives you the ammunition you need to get ahead in the music industry.

All personal tuition courses will be focused on the style of music you want to make. We will talk about your aspirations. We will disect your favourite genre and artists, anaylise it together and work from the ground up.

* Learn from a master
* A five week intensive music program tailored specifically to your needs
* Comprehensive homework and tasks - all monitored weekly
* Courses suited to all levels
* Courses suited to all dance music styles
* Incorporates innovative digital techniques
* Your choice of DAW (For Production Courses) - Ableton, Cubase, Logic, FL Studio, Studio One, Reaper etc
* Your choice of DJ Software (for DJ Courses) - Traktor, Ableton, Virtual DJ, Serato etc
* Hands on practical sessions each week
* Mark's infamous upbeat and enthusiastic teaching style!
* A personal certificate from Mark himself upon course completion

'I've spent years learning every aspect of music production and DJing by reading, learning, making notes, I'd say 75% of that information was useless. The key is to find someone who knows what they're talking about and learn off them. I'm not saying I know everything, life is about learning - but I think my record in this industry stands for alot' Don't waste your time with the countless online tutorials and information overload from so called 'experts'. For more information on Mark himself read

„My wife bought me Mark’s music production course for Christmas, I’ve just completed the 5 week course. In the beginning all I could do is load in samples and mess around with warping (and not very well). Now after 5 short weeks I can create a song from start to finish all in key, creating my own baselines, automation, structure etc, Mark has literally shaved off 2-3yrs of trial and error, frustration and confusion

Compared to other schools and other tutors Mark has an open and friendly approach to teaching. It makes it feel like you’re not only learning valuable skills but like your being taught by a friend. I can honestly say this is the best Christmas present I’ve ever been bought and can highly recommend it

- Carl Pearce -