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Complete Production Course

Whether you have ambitions to be a recording artist, sound engineer or work with sound in films and media this course will appeal to you. It doesn't matter where your current musical interests lie, this course is suitable for musicians and non-musicians alike who wish to be involved in the technology of music. We will look at electronic music production skills including sequencing, mixing, effects and other fundamental studio recording techniques. We will use leading software packages such as Ableton Live, Cubase, FL studio and Logic Pro. Breakout of your bedroom studio and take your production to the next level.

All personal tuition courses will be focused on the style of music you want to make. We will talk about your aspirations. We will disect your favourite genre and artists, anaylise it together and work from the ground up.

• How to make a beat
• Add groove & feel to your beats
• Working with Audio
• Building custom drum kits
• Intros, build-ups, breakdowns & drops
• Editing samples
• Using Effects
• Waveforms, filters & envelopes
• Recording vocals & live instruments
• Microphones & their uses
• How to structure your track
• Arrangement styles & techniques
• Introduction to mixing
• Using EQ
• Exporting Your Mix
• Finishing Your Track