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This course is for those seeking to learn how to produce and present a radio show or podcast.

We will learn how to create jingles and how to structure your show to suit your audience. It will teach you the skills you need to broadcast on FM or DAB, internet radio or a podcast. We will also use various production techniques to make your voice and your music stand out above the competition. At the end of the five weeks you will have completed your first show and uploaded it to Soundcloud and iTunes.

All personal radio tuition courses will be focused on the style of music you want to be involved with. We will talk about your aspirations. We will disect your favourite genre and artists, analyze it together and work from the ground up to produce the perfect show.

• Creating Your Opener
• Making your Show Jingles
• Programming your Music
• Deciding your Music policy
• Identifying Your Audience
• Presenting Styles
• Microphone Choices
• Microphone Effects Chain
• Side-chaining
• Warping/Beatmatching
• Recording your Show
• Branding
• Scheduling your Show
• Uploading your Show to Soundcloud/iTunes